Unstoppable Domains: IPFS Configuration

Jessie Mongeon
2 min readMar 2, 2023

This guide was originally published on https://docs.filebase.com. Check out the Filebase documentation site for the latest Web3 tutorials using IPFS through Filebase.

Learn how to configure Unstoppable Domains for use with Filebase.

What are Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains are NFT domains that are associated with a crypto wallet and minted on blockchain networks, just like other forms of NFTs like image or music files. Unstoppable Domains can be used with DNS CNAME records like traditional domain names, meaning you can use an Unstoppable Domain as a domain name for a personal website or blog.

Read below to learn how to use Unstoppable Domains with Filebase.


  • Purchase and mint an Unstoppable Domain.
  • Sign up for a free Filebase account.
  • Create a Filebase IPFS bucket.
  • Upload website files, such as index.html, and any other website source files into this Filebase IPFS bucket as a folder. Learn more about uploading folders to IPFS here.

1. Navigate back to the Unstoppable Domains console, then navigate to your ‘My Domains’ page.

Select ‘Manage’ next to the domain you want to use with your website.

2. Select ‘Website’ from the left side bar menu.

3. Select ‘Link Website’ under ‘Custom website linking’:

4. Paste in your IPFS CID for your folder that was uploaded to Filebase.

5. Then select ‘Launch Website’. You will be prompted to authorize the transaction through your Cryptowallet.

Once authorized, your domain will display ‘Website Launched’ followed by the CID of your folder.

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