Jessie Mongeon is a technical writer in the 'Web3' space. Jessie began her career in tech in 2014, starting at a vocational high school in West Springfield Massachusetts, where she studied CISCO networking. She was the only female in the class, which encouraged her to advocate for women in STEM through community conferences, presentations, and even radio commercials.

After graduating high school, she went on to receive her Bachelor’s in Computer Information Technology and Security from Elms College, where she was the first female graduate of the program. She later received her Master's in Information Technology Management from Western Governor's University.

In her career, Jessie has held a variety of roles from cybersecurity analyst and Linux system administrator, to technical writer.

She began her career in writing at a young age, when she was published in an Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans in 2009.

In her role as a technical writer, she has written everything from technical documentation, blog posts, and social media threads, to Whitepapers and eBooks that help educate readers on Web3.

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